About Us

Company History
Founded in 1984 by industry veteran Charles Stewart, Voluforms began based on the idea that grouping similar print jobs from our customer base, then negotiating contracts with proven, reputable manufacturers at volume prices, would result in being able to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. Since that time, we have invested in our own manufacturing equipment, and have expanded our product offerings from just paper-based forms to include branded wearables, promotional items, marketing literature, mailings, office supplies and online ordering platforms. Still a family-owned, but now nationally recognized company, our promise has remained constant for over 30 years: listen to our customer’s issues, provide expert analysis to offer effective product management solutions and systems, provide transparency on all product related expenses and lower the cost of effectively branding our customer’s image. 

Mission Statement
Voluforms' mission is to promote our partners' brands, while delivering the highest level of service and quality at a competitive price.

Service Pledge
Treat every customer in such a memorable way, that they will tell someone else how great the experience was.